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Bags, Duffels & Courteney Haversacks


All our safari duffel bags are handmade in England by a saddler working for the most reknown houses of London.

Using the best quality vegetable tanned leathers,buckles and canvas available on the market, combined with excellent craftmanship our soft sided luggage will last for decades and join you on every African Safari or voyage. Over time our safari travel bags receive a nice patina which will them make even more beautiful.

A bespoke travel bag : To give your safari duffel bag a personal touch initials can be added, canvas and leather combinations can be chosen.

You want your handmade safari travel gear completely out of leather, or even more out of exotic game skins? Feel free to contact us on to discuss your vision of best safari luggage.

Since several combinations are possible for these handmade safari duffels, it is impossible for us to stock all models. Delivery time is 8 to 10 weeks after order. We will contact you after ordering with a order confirmation to make sure you receive your best quality handmade safari duffel bag you have in mind.


Handmade in Zimbabwe the backpack from the Courteney Boot Company is made from smooth leather or suède finish. All Courteney leathers are dyed through (not sprayed) and the backpack is of course made with the same attention to detail as the rest of the Courteney collection.

It has three outer pockets, a handy pouch on each shoulder strap, big internal pocket and roomy interior. Ideal for an overnight adventure, aeroplane travel, and for carrying your essentials on safari.

The Courteney backpack has the immediate appeal of a true classic. Handmade in a range of leathers and finishes it quickly becomes inseparable from its owner on all their travel and African safaris.

Stack of handmade safari duffle bags showing different sizes available at Safari Supplies
Courteney Haversack or backpack. A unique gamesking bag handmade in Zimbabwe using gameskin leathers
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