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The AIMCAM sport glasses for hunting and shooting have been developed for clay pigeon shooting, giving booth shooters and instructors more insight on aiming mistakes and this while giving eye -and sun protection. The integrated Sony HD - camera on this sport action sunglasses reproduces the exact field of view of the human eye and the position just above your pupil films what you see. This gives a real image of your aiming mistakes. The Wifi allows you to stream the pictures in real time on a phone or pad (real time synchonised HD).

Other applications of the glasses: filming your fishing / angling sessions having both hand free, cycling and down hill, hunting,paintball, Safari, BB gun competition, rock climbing, outdoor activities, sport,.... Every pair comes with 3 different ballistic glasses (white, black and yellow), loading cable, toolkit, and hardcover.

Get your AIMCAM now and start filming your adventures.

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