Frequently Asked Questions

How does the webshop work?

Navigation through the site can be done with the different menus in the top banner On online devices a second menu is available (grey button) Your actual cart content is indicated with the shopping basket symbol

Payment methods?

We offer 3 different Payment methods: 1 Paypal - for PayPal account holders 2 Creditcards through PayPal - for non PayPal account holders paying with their credit card 3 offline payments - for bank transfer in the €-zone How to choos which method in the cart section? 1 PayPal - click yellow button "check out with PayPal" 2 Creditcards through PayPal - click white button "Pay Now" 3 offline payments - click white button "Pay Now"

Are my online payments secure on the Safari Supplies website?

Yes. All your payments are fully secure. read more

Buyer protection

Paypal offers you 100% buyer protection 24/7. read more

Where can I find social media links?

All these links are incorporated in the grey banner below.

Where do we ship?

Safari Supplies actually ships in more than 30 countries. We ship worldwide. Kahles optics and Swarovski Optik are not shipped to the USA.

VAT Regulations aka sales tax for endusers

For endusers in the EU local VAT (value added taxes) has to be charged this varies from 17 to 27% depending the country. For endusers outside the EU like Switserland, Norway, Australia,... no VAT has to be charged. If you are based outside the EU, please use VAT as a discount code in the Cart section and the VAT (17,35%) will be deducted. Enter here

Company orders

We accept all company orders domestic and abroad. For Belgian companies 21% VAT will be charged. For companies inside -and outside the EU no VAT will be charged - use VAT as a discount code. A proper invoice will be send and joined to shipping and customs papers. !For company order Company Name and VAT number are mandatory.

Return Shipment

Free return shipments are not offered by Safari Supplies, however Paypal gives the possibility to do 12 return shipments/year at their expense. read more

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated for the different countries and based on the weight of the items. If you enter your country you can always check the costs in the cart section.

Promo Codes

If you received a promo code form Safari Supplies, you can enter this code in the cart section of the site. The promo or discount code will deduct the discount form the total amount.