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Kahles binos, rangefinders and rifle scope

KAHLES – since 1898

The Kahles factory in Austria

KAHLES is a manufacturer of high-quality optical devices with more than120 years of experience in the development and production of riflescopes and binoculers, a long history in the hunting market. In recent years Kahles optics was leading in developping best quality optics for long rage shooting and competition shooting. You will find the Kahles shooting scopes on every major competition like IPSC, tri-gun, Dynamic long range, long range target shooting, dynamic rifle shooting.
As one of the oldest rifle scope manufacturer in the world, we have set many milestones. Today we help ambitious hunters and target competition shooters to expand boundaries and to enhance their personal performance with fascinatingly simple, smart solutions.
Within the HELIA brand, we also offer high-quality binoculars and distance measuring devices for hunting, in addition to riflescopes.
Furthermore, demanding target shooters and professionals in a wide range of disciplines such as PRS, 3Gun, IPSC, Benchrest, F-class, Field Target and many more appreciate the precision and uncompromising quality of our K-series scopes.

Different KAHLES riflescopes, such as K1050i, K624i, K318i, K525i, K312i, K18i, K16i, K4i and especially the new K525i and K525 DLR (dynamic long range)inspire target shooters from all over the world. Above all, thanks to the highest precision and an excellent price-performance ratio, KAHLES riflescopes enjoy enormous popularity among target shooters.

Hunters in the KAHLES world.

The KAHLES HELIA riflescope series, especially developed for hunters, is highly appreciated. The HELIA 1-5x24i is ideal for the driven hunt, the HELIA 2-10x50i is perfect for stalking and the HELIA 2.4-12x56i is the top for hide hunting. The 1 inch HELIA 3 Series consists of the riflescopes HELIA 3 3-9x42, HELIA 3 4-12x44i and HELIA 3 3-10x50i. Automatic light and ballistic drop compensation (as option) are indispensable for hunters.

The HELIA RF 8x42 and RF 10x42 with integrated rangefinder as well as the HELIA binoculars in objective diameter 42 and 56, the HELIA RD red dot sights and the innovative newly Helia Mono-Rangefinder (range measuring device)  RF-M 7x25 introduced in 2020, delight every hunter and bow-hunter.

Kahles optics for nature observation.

For nature observation , birding, safari ornitology and outdoor activities, the HELIA range of binoculars and binos with integrated range finder HELIA RF, are top quality products that you will carry all the time during your outdoor activities in nature.

The natural colours, the lightweight, balanced design with the open bridge and the unique, silent protective cover made of high-quality loden cloth are perfectly suited for inconspicuous carrying and observing.

During nocturnal observations of animals the range of Kahles thermal imaging devices TI25 and TI35 are radically optimised for observation. They combine intuitive, easy handling with excellent imaging performance. Not a button too many, none in the wrong place. Uncompromising simple and fast detection day and night.

Kahles News

Kahles is a leading provider of hunting and long-range shooting optics with a long-standing history in the field of competition shooting. They are committed to providing hunters with the best optics available to help them make the most of their time in the field. With a wide selection of riflescopes, binoculars, red dots, and more, Kahles has something for every hunter. Stay up-to-date with the latest Kahles news, media, and articles on their website. Learn about the newest products, news from the industry, and even helpful tips from long-range shooting professionals. Check out the Kahles news section HERE for more information.

Shooting Competitions for this year

At Safari Supplies, we are proud to offer the best quality shooting optics for all shooting disciplines, from DLR to IPSC, Field-Target to DKLRC, F-Class Bench Rest shooting to 3-Gun. As a trusted distributor, we also provide a comprehensive international shooting calendar for our customers to check out here. The  calendar is regularly updated and includes a wide range of shooting competitions from around the world, allowing you to plan your shooting activities for the year ahead. With our trusted KAHLES optics, you can guarantee that you will always be ready for the next competition.

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