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Image of Frank De Smedt Company owner at Safari Supplies. Foto taken in South-Africa while hunting.

About myself

As the son of a British mother and a Flemish father, I feel a strong connection to Southern Africa, with a particular affinity for South Africa. It's an advantage to be able to communicate easily with the locals. My love for nature, hunting, and ecosystems has been ingrained in me from an early age. The African conservation model, where nature and hunting are intricately linked, immediately resonated with me.Professionally, I have a background in international trade. In addition to a passion for technology and fine firearms, cultural differences and customs among peoples serve as a driving force for engaging in international commerce.

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My Story

Like everyone, I brought clothing and equipment I already had for my first safari. It quickly became apparent that this gear was not suitable for the reality of the African continent. Hiking boots were too warm, clothing was not durable enough, often made of synthetic materials. The lodge's laundry service was quite vigorous with the iron, and Akhona, the maid on duty, hinted that it was to combat botfly eggs...

Once back home, I started searching for better gear. Apparently, it's challenging to find outside of America and Great Britain in continental Europe. During a visit to an international fair in Germany, I encountered two exceptional individuals, Ivan Volschenk from Els & Co Fine Leather Craftsman, and Gale Rice from The Courteney Boot Company. The quality of their products tailored to the African savannah and their commitment to improving the quality of life for local black Africans resonated strongly with me. Safari Supplies was born.


Always on the lookout for adventurous possibilities! Let's link up and explore the world of safari gear together. Connect with us for an exhilarating safari shopping experience.


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