Guided Safaris in Tanzania

Dry to Green Advetures Safaris in Tanzania

Dry to Green Adventure is a fully registered company licensed by the government of Tanzania to carry the tourists throughout all wild areas of Tanzania as well as other areas where our dear clients prefer to visit.

We have the professional driver guides with an excellent experience about wildlife in all aspects, also about people and their cultures.

The driver guides and off course all team of Dry to Green Adventure are patient, kind, friendly and are available to make sure that your visit to Tanzania will be very nice and unforgettable one.

We have the driver guides who speak different languages like English, French, Germany, Spanish, etc.

We are committed as well in environmental conservation, we have what is called Dry to Green Tree Planting Program where every year we have a special day of planting trees to the areas used to be dry to make them green.

We are also committed in promoting and supporting education to local communities

where we sponsor a number of students from local communities to various educational institutes.

We kindly welcome you, and together we will make your visit be a memorable one and be part of the team committed in environmental conservation and supporting education to local communities. CLICK PICTURE TO ENTER SITE

Bespoke Handcrafted Guns

Gunmaker Alexandre Hanssen

Alexandre Hanssen is a Master Gunmaker, based in the south of Belgium near the Luxembourg border. After graduating form the Liège school of armorers, he furthermore developed his skills at renown houses like Holland & Holland, resulting in a unique Belgian - English style.

The Alexandre Hanssen workshop manufactures new fine guns, rebuilds guns and sells used guns selected to suit all your expectations.

Always pleased to give professional advice, Alexandre Hanssen also provides scope fitting, guns repairing and servicing, or ammunition selling. The gun shop is also equipped with a shooting tunnel to regulate your guns.


Second Hand Firearms

Second hand guns in Belgium. Sales on commission.

Located near Brussels - Belgium, this small gun dealer is specialized in selling your gun on commission. Main focus on hunting bolt action rifles and shotguns. A great place to find some good second hand firearms. With more than 45 years of hunting experience, the owner is also the right person to find the most suitable firearms for your next hunt. CLICK PICTURE / LOGO TO ENTER SITE
Dejacht het grootste jachtplatform in de Benelux

Wingshooting in South Africa

Wingshooting in South Africa

Wingshoot Africa is a family owned wingshooting company with over 18 years of wingshooting experience in Africa.
We specialise in driven guinea fowl, upland birds over pointers, ducks, geese, doves and pigeons over decoys from blinds.
Mainly based in the Eastern Freestate province of South Africa where most of our wingshooting takes place, but also conduct wingshoot safaris across the rest of South Africa as well as the rest of Southern Africa.
Perfect for family and friend safaris where photo safari, culture, battlefields, fishing or just plain touring Africa can be added or our specialised team can entertain the rest of the group while you hunt. CLICK LOGO TO ENTER SITE

Photo Safaris in South Africa

Photo Safaris in South Africa

John Sharp is one of the most experienced big-game hunters operating in Southern Africa today

John counts many famous names among his repeat clients worldwide. While adhering to the strict ethics of Fair Chase, John epitomises the authentic ‘Great White Hunter’ of legend. A crack shot and an excellent host, John puts the client at the centre of everything he does. John Sharp offers a variety of dangerous and plains game hunts in the Bubye Valley Conservancy which is situated in the south-eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe.

"John Sharp Safaris is a hands-on business and committed to personal service. I will meet you at the airport and guide you through the formalities, and then drive you to the camp. After the safari I will see you safely checked through to your final destination on your homeward journey. I personally attend to the day to day running and maintenance of the camps and the hunting equipment. I am committed to honesty - You will never be sold an animal or trophy size which does not exist on the property.”

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South Africa Hunting Safari with African Dreams Hunting

African Dreams Hunting Safaris would like to invite you to Dark Africa to live and experience what only a select few hunting enthusiasts have ever experienced and many have dreamt of. With experienced professional hunters and access some of the best areas in Zimbabwe such as Doma, in the lower Zambezi Valley, and Sikumbi Forest Area in Southern Matabeleland, we offer a safari hunting experience of a lifetime.


Bordering the incredible Hwange National Park to the west means that large herds of Elephant, Buffalo and Sable move to the South into our concession and get fed with an abundance of game. Friendly staff, experienced hunting guides and an abundance of high-quality game that you are guaranteed to go home with. We do not target low-density areas on our hunts and put in the time and effort before our guests’ arrival to research our hunting areas and to make sure that you get the dangerous game hunting experience that you came for.


Zimbabwe is open for all big game hunting and with a vast open unfenced 40 000 acre area, we hunt the way that hunting is supposed to be done. We pride ourselves on a fair chase approach and offer Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and plains game.


African Dreams Hunting Safaris has tailor-made packages to fit your budget and your expectations. If Zimbabwe is not exactly what you are looking for we offer amazing trophy hunting in the Eastern Cape, Freestate and Limpopo provinces of South Africa

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Your Guide and Dangerous Game Professional Hunter

"Christoff Van As"