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Courteney Safari Boots for ladies, Handmade in Zimbabwe.

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Safari Boots for Men , Hadmade in Zimbabwe.

The Courteney Boot Company


Premium handmade safari boots and shoes, exotic gameskin desert boots, gaiters and accessories.

Worn by Africa’s wildlife professionals and professional hunters in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia and South-Africa, Courteney is the jungle boot by excellence.
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Handmade Safari Boots, Safari Shoes and safari Accessories in Exotic Gameskin Leathers

Courteney safari footwear and accessories are manufactured in the old fashioned way that’s seldom seen today.

Their products are handmade to order by skilled craftsmen and women in a small workshop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, using the finest gameskin leathers from renewable (CITES Approved) resources.

The Courteney collection combines natural gameskins such as Ostrich, Kudu, Cape buffalo, Impala and Hippo leather. With wild leather there will be variations in colour and texture, but your hand-crafted Courteney product will age gracefully with time. Gameskin is more comfortable to wear than bovine leather , and as the leather shapes itself to your ‘footprint’, your boots will become personalised and unique to you.

Unlike mass produced footwear, Courteney uses all-natural materials. The upper, lining, insole and sock are all natural leather, allowing your foot to breathe. Even the natural rubber soles, which are flexible and extremely quiet, are made in-house at the Courteney Boot Company.

The Courteney Boot Company has its roots in England, and all lasts are made by England’s best foot form maker, allowing to produce footwear that includes genuine half sizes for men and women.

The Courteney Boot Company guarantees your comfort and quality of products that will last many miles of enjoyable walking.

Veldschoen Construction

Courteney Safari Boots Veldskoen construction Courteney selous Courteney safari

In shoemaking jargon, the veldtschoen, or stitchdown construction method is strongly recommended for boots and shoes which must be weather resistant and flexible. 

The English translation of ‘veldtschoen’, the 17th century Cape Dutch name for what is technically known as a stitchdown, is ‘field shoe’. Today it is seldom spelt that way. In modernised Afrikaans the familiar footwear is known as a ‘veldskoen’ or a ‘velskoen’ – the former meaning field or bush shoe, and the latter skin shoe.

Now affectionately and commonly called a ‘vellie’ (pron. felly).

The stitchdown holds a special place in the southern African footwear industry. Developed by the Dutch Voortrekkers and Pioneers, it was a product of the African bush, a rough shoe made of untanned game hide on the Great Trek northwards. By the simplest definition of construction, the upper was out flanged and stitched onto the sole and runner. The original workshop for producing veldtschoens was near Algoa Bay at a place today called Uitenhage.

The veldtschoen shares with the sandal and the moccasin the distinction of being the world’s oldest footwear constructions. Clarks of England and others like Courteney have made the style internationally famous. Today, making stitchdown shoes and boots is a highly specialised and technically challenging process. Although unchanged from its original concept, today’s veldtschoen benefits from modern technology and the advantages of innovative shoemaking.

It all starts with the last, which is a carefully developed wooden or plastic foot-shaped form or model. It is three dimensional, similar to the average human foot but with allowances for the toes, movement and expansion. To ensure maximum support and comfortable fit, the Courteney lasts were manufactured in England by the makers of Clarks of England lasts. The footwear designer works on the last to produce a comfortable and stylish boot or shoe.

With the veldtschoen, or stitchdown, method of construction the upper material is flanged outwards during the lasting process and attached by adhesive and stitching to a layer of material known as the runner or midsole. The sole is then attached by adhesion. At Courteney we double stitch the gameskin upper to a Giraffe leather runner which is combined with a microcellular rubber mid sole for additional strength. Courteney soles are made at our workshop from natural rubber prepared to Courteney specifications, and are attached with a two part polyurethane adhesive.

The Courteney Boot Company has incorporated the old fashioned values of hardiness and durability with modern ideas to produce a genuine veldtschoen which, with care, will serve you faithfully, and become an integral part of your adventures for many years to come.

Courteney Boots Product Care

Cleaning leather Courteney Safari Boots

If your boots are dusty then wipe them with a cloth dipped in water with a very small amount of ordinary dishwashing liquid, and wrung out, then again with the cloth rinsed in plain water and wrung out. This will be enough to get the surface dust off before polishing.

If your Buffalo or Elephant leather boots are more dirty than dusty you can wash them:

✗ Do not put them in the washing machine

✗ Try not to get them too wet.  Don’t saturate them.

✔ DO wash carefully with your own fair hands

✔ Stuff them with newspaper and shape, then leave in a cool, shady, airy place to dry naturally, and slowly, in a gentle breeze. ✔ ✔ ✔ 

✔ When dry, polish well.

The leather fibres burn easily, especially when leather is wet, and should never be dried with artificial heat.

✗ Do not dry near a fire

✗ Do not dry near a radiator

✗ Do not dry in the sun

✗ Do not dry in a tumble drier

✔ DO dry slowly in a cool, shady, airy place

If your boots have become wet from rain or puddles then wipe, leave to dry in a cool, shady, airy place, and polish.

Remember – your boots are made of leather:

✗ don’t stand in a river and fish in your Courteneys

✗ don’t stand at the edge of the sea and fish in your Courteneys

Cleaning Suede Courteney Safari Boots