Pelgrim's Rest Tiffin Snackbar
  • Pelgrim's Rest Tiffin Snackbar

    Pilgrim's Rest Tiffin Snack Bar

    Snacks and sundowners go hand in hand, so The Tiffin Snack Bar is a must have accessory to the Field Bar. Used widely in India, a 'tiffin' is a meal eaten any time between breakfast and dinner. It can mean a packed lunchbox, a savoury snack or a sweet treat - thus it is the perfect, trendy, sundowner-picnic companion!

    Each Snack Bar, made of stainless steel, ensures that your product lasts long - and  that your snacks remain fresh and cool for the duration of your excursion.

    To avoid the struggle of carrying multiple things all at once, the Tiffin combines practicality and elegance with an impeccably stitched, cushioned handle for your carrying convenience.

    Finished off with a beautiful brass buckle, it ensures that the stainless steel bar stays secure in its place. 

    The Snack Bar opens up to 3 seperate sections, which provides ample space to keep a variety of snacks neatly packed. The Hungarian version typically contains soup, a main course and a piece of cake - something for everyone. So with the Tiffin Snack Bar you can truly have your cake and eat it too!

    Finally, every piece is embossed with your craftswoman's initials to remind you that each beautiful piece is completely handmade and stitched by a single craftswoman from start to finish. This adds the personal touch and perfection that can only be provided by the passionate craftswomen of Els & Co. 



    This product can be personalized with initials or a logo.



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      In Stock. For intials embossing delivery takes 12-14 weeks after order. Production time is arround 8 weeks in South-Africa

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      For countries outside the EU (Norway, Switserland,...), the VAT can be deducted by using VAT as a discount code in the cart section.

      A customs application form will be added to the shipment papers.

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